Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a slow spring

It has been a hesitant spring in Northern Europe. I have been working outdoors between heavy water- laden winds and happy glimpses of sun. 
Zuid-Kennemerland dunes
 These are the dunes in the National Park near Haarlem. The skeletal trees clasped breaking buds of leaves too small to be seen from a distance. The sun warmed the sand and hidden from the wind I could convince myself change was beginning. 
Text reads: "Warm winds dissolve the long cold, while fragile sunshine tickles the skin" 
I was working on a short text piece to be part of a landscape workshop in South Korea at the end of last month. It's an excellent idea, for those who live too far away we make work in our own surroundings and send in the images. The above is a final line of a short text piece heralding a change of season. 
Finally this week the sunshine arrived in earnest and the neighbourhood cherry blossom sagged with abundant flowers.  

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