Tuesday, April 24, 2012

following flysch

For years I have grown more and more excited about rocks. From Basque Spain we went to Hendaye in Basque France to follow the "flysch" coast. An absolutely fascinating edge and I found one of the very few places where I could access the rocks from the ground.

The surf had been very big for a few days and it felt as if I was witnessing rapid erosion.

The entire coastline is made up of huge contorted rocks. It is was day with powerful waves and intermittent horizontal rain, polishing the glistening rocks further. It was beautiful but too soggy to draw.


  1. Dear Lilian, it is a pity you couldn't draw right on the place. Nonetheless these photographs must be a huge inspiration and a work of art in themselves.

    1. Dear Co,
      I am going back to draw them again when it is a little drier! They are definitely inspirational. One of the locals saw me and stopped me going any further because it was just too slippery.