Tuesday, May 22, 2012

canola fields

These were days of yellow, there were so many canola fields in full bloom. They glowed warmly against the grey skies. I was staying outside Oxford for a few days with family. It was beautiful but the cool weather was intimidatingly cold for May. 
Dusk over canola fields on the bus through Oxfordshire
I'm using a hand me down "Blackberry" that has become a new favourite camera because it has so many limitations and an almost random shutter, that takes the image at an unexpected moment. 

rushing past canola fields during day time, photograph taken from  the car
Suburban housing from the train to London
These travels were literally about that: traveling; the journey was part of the entire experience. When I reached Paddington station en route to Heathrow they were still doing building work. The blue wood hoardings splashed color over the cool white painted steel.

temporary rain shelter under building work at Paddington station

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