Sunday, July 29, 2012

green, dusty and traveling

Returned from Newfoundland and Labrador, it was absolutely amazing trip. I was researching the Basque (whaling) ports and looking at rocks as always.

This whole trip can can best be described as a journey of traveling. I started in Connecticut with very dear friends (trying desperately to return to the human state post jet lag). I then travelled to New York for 24 intense hours before reaching Ottawa by plane.

road / pavement crossing in Danbury from the bus to New York City

Outside Manhattan
I have been using my phone camera as a notebook, for a visual diary of these travels. New York was hot and dusty but now has a familiarity to it.

gorgeous orange school buses

Times Square
The ultimate NYC experience: Times Square at night. I am somewhat allergic to crowds but the wonderment of brightly-coloured lights supersedes that. I grew up in a village without pavements and street lights, the inner child in me sees the fairy lights... 

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