Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pasaia harbour
Pasaia is made up of four separate communities, the focus is the harbour and it is a real working harbour not a quaint tourist resort. I love this about the place. The image above was taken from the ferry boat that crosses the harbour enabling me to avoid the long double bus ride around the harbour.

Pasaia Donibane is one long street with the most gorgeous stone buildings- worn sandstone everywhere. I have tried to be dispassionate but this little town enters into the blood stream and demands to be loved.
Humilladero de la Piedad, shrine 16-17th century originally carved from the rock face 

Pasaia from the tiny ferry
There doesn't seem to be strict town planning like more northern Europe. Beautiful stone facades are overrun with electrical conduits and external plumbing. Everything is jumbled together. It is part of the charm but it must make it more challenging to live in.

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