Saturday, September 8, 2012

lines out of context

Organizing things from a distance can be complicated. This Cambridge project is more fun when I am there to talk to people in person. Fortunately I have a whole support team (they deserve lots of thanks) all is starting to take a definite form and if the original plan is not working then the back-up one will.

I have been testing laminated signs in the studio to see how long they will stay fixed up to windows with tiny suction cups. This job really does lead to new worlds, I had no idea how sophisticated the manufacture of the suction cup is. It makes me realise how important it is to appreciate the little details. The smallest of things may take years to design and perfect.

Recently I was lucky enough to be in a location where I could spontaneously create and install a text piece. It would disappear in a few minutes of brushing or light rain. Leaving no trace is part of what I do, having fun while doing it, makes my job worthwhile.
Rock pools: lines out of context
...and tree shadows smile

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