Monday, October 22, 2012

Parking, texts and busses

It is such a privilege to have work installed. I am really delighted that the latest text piece has been adopted by Cambridge County Council Transport Department as a permanent artwork. The whole work has been taken from its original locations in the town and can be read as one piece, a sort of "Welcome to Cambridge" text. It is located at the Trumpington Park and Ride just outside the city.


The whole piece reads: this way for rippled hills and ripe, bursting fields blue sky and dressed stone formality. Dipped anthracite clouds poised to varnish. Domestic housing, waving effervescent flowers, pensive dogs and green flag grass. Quiet walls and walked stone lead to hidden squares and bursts of persistent lawn. 

It is the experience of 24 hours in Cambridge from the the viewpoint of a visitor. Many thanks to the Park and Ride team for installing this text and for their support in the process and of course thank you also to Text and Context Cambridge for inviting me to participate without them none of this would have been realised. 

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  1. I am reading from way over >here<, Lilian, and so I can't see the references your text makes. Can you add some photoshots that give us a feeling for the scenes you relate? They sound charming. Thx.