Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hot fog

From yellow to turquoise, I landed in Bilbao en route to San Sebastian and it was suddenly over 30 degrees centigrade. As I journeyed through a Basque countryside in dusk all took on hues of blue turquoise.

Days of weather changing from over 36 degrees centigrade to a cool 18 with a fog that came in. It was a hot fog: warm, enveloping but strangely secure. Above 15 metres and things started to disappear. I'd not experienced warm fog blankets like these before.

outskirts of Pasaia harbour

slices of fog slipped over the road.

The lighthouse Pasaia San Pedro
I walked the two hours to San Sebastian wrapped in sea fog and dipping into sun pools-when the strong southern sun broke gaps in the clouds. I have taken this walk before or I wouldn't have trusted myself to make it over the tree roots and stones and slices of vertical cliff face.

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